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What has always being the distinction between the colonial European and his conquered is not only not found in the former ‘s assumption that the latter had no culture of his own and was no different from the wild animals that roamed the vast forests of the tropics of which is even low in knowledge unable to differentiate between good and bad unlike the humans whom can quite right make a decision.

And even though history has made us to know that the African had his own way of life before the coming of the whites and it suited him even though crude at best to provide for him and his family, also some argue that the coming of the European had set a new consciousness in the African which didn’t exist before thereby making him prefer to behave like a white man while dressing like an African but I think that if we look at some places in the world today where the Europeans never set foot, they still live and behave like savages and it remains to be seen whether we would have preferred to be jumping trees like monkeys to get a fruit because we cherish our culture and traditions or are better off now that the same liberation brought on has been slowly eating away what we used to cherish chasing after bush animals with Dane guns.

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