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What of yesterday task no show why and what happened
Thanks for the update, but what of yesterday's sponsored post task
No post to share to Facebook why
Nd no post yesterday watz happening
Pls, on my account this no link to share to facebook
Thank you so much for this very important notification and update. Instantforum is legit and pays out consistently. Keep it up.
Can't see the share button
I Can't share it to facebook
Can't see step one to share
Payments hasn't been made since the last three days. I've not been paid since the last four days. This is how it starts and none of the support persons replies my messages. Well, let's keep watching to see what happens in the next few days.
Pls I don't see the share button
Yesterday, there was no task to share and I couldn't earn. Today I earned but there is no link to share task on Facebook, and even in the Facebook page there's no new post to share and at the end you may decline my withdrawal for not sharing up to date.
How about yesterday sponsored task
There was no task to share on april 20 and now 21 no where to click facebook for sharing
What is happening? I shared yesterday's sponsored task but did not earn because the "click to earn" buton was not there and today the "click to earn button is there but there is no sponsored task. Is this not a trap? Because at the end you people will decline my withdrawal for missing a day or two. I need explanation please.
Instaforum the legit platform
Relax everyone... Everything would be alright
I can't see any post to share today and yesterday the click to earn button was not there what is happening
Plz I can't find d share button
Instaforum a nice platform
What's happening instaforum? Yesterday 20th April, no sponsored task and today 21st of April, no link to share to Facebook? My subscription package ends today, I hope my withdrawal doesn't decline because of the missed posts of yesterday and today...
Instaforum yesterday the 20th there was no sponsored task to share, I placed withdrawal yesterday have not been paid now today I logged into my page you people already added to by earning and updated the sponsored post but no link to share on Facebook. Pls what exactly is going on because I'm a first time customers and have not even been paid once.
Thanks instaforum all the way
Great information great platform instaforum
Thank you insta forum. I have seen payment for today's(21st April) login and sponsored task earnings in my earning history but I am yet to see payment for yesterday's(20th April) sponsored task. Please when will it be paid?
Thank you InstaForum I was able to earn today's Sponsored Task and login But didn't earn task for yesterday (20/04/21) it's only the login that was earned , what about the earning for sponsored Task of yesterday?
Thank you InstaForum I was able to earn today's Sponsored Task and login But didn't earn task for yesterday (20/04/21) it's only the login that was earned , what about the earning for sponsored Task of yesterday?
What of yesterday's sponsored task, I can only login but can't post and share on facebook
No sponsored task to share yesterday and today no facebook link to share sponsored task to facebook. I hope is going to affect us.
No sponsored task to share yesterday and today no facebook link to share sponsored task to facebook. I hope is not going to affect us.
What are you still wetin for. This is the time for you to join InstaForum
Hello instaforum this problems can cause loose new members try to solve it please
Am not seeing any post wat happened
Calm down guys, task for today is WEDNESDAY'S task, today's task will soon be out. Watch out
No Link to share on Facebook for today and yesterday no sponsor post, hope these won't affect our withdrawal because it's not anyone,s fault o. The worst is no explanation is coming from anyone, even the coupon vendor says they don't know anything, why?
I hope this tasks we did not share will not decline our payment?
No post for today and Yesterday hope this won’t effect us at the end Quick recovery Instaforum all I wish you guys
Thanks instalforum But there is no were to click We to share on Facebook. Why
What's happening yesterday there where no task to post and today na no where to click to face book what's really happening
Instaforum are you sure everything is alright, yesterday no sponsored tasks today nothing to shared but just earned i have invested over #20000 and i have never earned from the platform before, i hope the site will be back and better.
What happen yesterday no task to post and today hope it won't affect us
Plz oooh They is no task to share yesterday nd today too
There was no task yesterday 20 April and today also no task only claim button that is active.
Na so my 50k take loss abe... Make ona update us before people begin tag efcc come spoil everything ooo... The silence is worse.... If e don crash make ona let us know and also possible refund strategy before investors begin gather for ona o
No link to share to Facebook hope this will not affect our cash out o
I no understand ooh,no post
Hope it not what am thinking,instaforum ,,,what going on pls explain
Thanks for the great opportunity?
Don't be surprised that Instaforum has crashed. This is how it all starts in every platform. They start by dropping updates on payment system problems. They'll stop sharing sponsored post and boom, they're gone. I just de pass 🚶
It seems the worst has happened again, that is Nigeria factor scamming people again. The person that introduce me to your platform just drop the bomb shell. Please refund our money

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