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So instaforum too don go be that???
What about the Facebook sponsored post
What is happening? Is this the end of instaforum because is like they are taking the steps of other platform which have folded up.
Some people say this instaforum has crashed if I don't believe so where is sponsored post
3days ago I can't earn my any amount aside from login bonus my task money was not credited into my account today no sponsor task again what happening to this forum.. am scared say make my money no go enter gulter.. I go cry ooo nah contribution money I carry come here ooo today is 22 I only have 54 in my account instead of 59.. out 75k. Management if I don't Cash out better I would not recommend people to this forum.
What exactly is happening? No sponsored posts
Great information form a great platform instaforum, problem
You people that are saying thanks and kudos... are guys sharing sponsored posts at all?!
Thanks for this interesting update.
Why discourage yourself when you can make it even more than others. Never believe you can't make it, cause the table turns
Which kind payment channel holding u na money..😀😆😅😃😂... I pity people wey dey believe u na brainwash. Just like Abokipay, u na don open anoda scam people again. Anyway we are cooling down for another u na go open... Thieves!!!!
We need an update on why we can't share post again o
We need an update on why we can't share post again o
Please I will click on that click to earn oh, what's happening nah now where to share it to face book
The CEO said , he will update us on the 26th . So let's wait till then and hear from him...
Instaforum what happening
😭😭😭😭 for the first time
Why can't I share sponsor task, hope this platform is not doing what I'm thinking
3 days ago I requested for withdrawal ,I still haven't been paid
Good Morning INSTARS⭐️ Please be informed we are currently having some PAYMENT ISSUES to members as our PAYMENT PROVIDER (PARKWAY -READY CASH BANK). They have demanded some verification procedures which we are complying with due to our consistent payment outflows. Even though this was resolved. We were surprised, they brought these issues again for additional VERIFICATION. Please be patient with us as we are cooperating to resolving this as soon as possible. Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience. Dear INSTARS⭐️, Be at peace, you have nothing to worry about as we are aware of your inability for you not to be able to CASHOUT your Earnings, kindly note that, if these delays from them prolong too long, we would have to deplete our reserves to enter a stage of REFUNDS to members. Please note that we are doing everything in our possible best to ensure everything works, runs smoothly as before and you can continue to get your CASHOUT. The funds currently in our PARKWAY - READY CASH Account is enormous; thus grounding up our CASHOUT DAILY to members for the last 48hours. Thank you all for your cooperation. Once again, we want to reiterate that, if these issues from them prolong for additional days before the end of this week, we would enter a stage of REFUNDS to members. More updates would be posted to you. *INSTAFORUM* *Good Morning to you all.* With REGARDS to our last UPDATE with PARKWAY-READY CASH - Our funds are still held with them and they updated us they'd get to us back; while our account remains under review. This is something we cannot hold much any longer as we have been on their necks to ensure they send us the funds meant for MEMBERS PAYMENTS. Their promises have remained futile but we are still hoping they'd do the needful. While we wait for them to send us the FUNDS, we want to let you know that there is nothing to be afraid of, scared of in any way. One thing is sure, our RESERVES would be used for REFUNDS. The REFUNDS would be in 2 stages. PARKWAY-READY CASH has grounded InstaForum for holding funds for MASSIVE PAYOUTS. We decided to continue the SPONSORED TASKS because some members are not aware of the current issues facing PAYOUTS on INSTAFORUM; hence, we decided not to rush everything. We are taking step by step actions to halt operations till we make a general update on the site using our SPONSORED TASK. Once the REFUNDS begin in stages using funds from our RESERVES, the TASKS SPONSORED TASKS would stop and our LAST UPDATE of REFUNDS for the second stage would come in. We are still hoping for good results with PARKWAY - READY CASH Bank. Also, we stopped the TASKS so as NEW MEMBERS are not invited or join the platform any longer. 1. The first stages of the REFUNDS would be direct to DOWNLINES/ REFERRALS by VENDORS: This means your direct DOWNLINES and REFERRALS; you are to take your time to list their usernames and send to us. Please note that only FUNDS for registration would be refunded. Once a refund is done for an account. The ACTIVITY EARNINGS COUPON CODE would be terminated to stop the account from earning any longer. REFUND DATE would kick-start from 26th APRIL, 2021 2. The second STAGE REFUNDS is a general REFUNDS till our reserves are exhausted. This is the very best we can come up with regards to the issues on the ground caused by our PAYMENTS PROVIDER.

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