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omo I no understand again o God help us o🙏
This is the best and legit platform I've ever came across
I can't share sponsored post to my Facebook page but I'm allowed to earn it, I hope nothing is wrong with the platform because my pay day is in two days
I can no longer share sponsored post on my Facebook I hope all is well cos my pay day is fast approaching nd am afraid
I can't see any sponsored task for like 4 days what's happening
Great information form a great platform instaforum thanks
This one that there is not sponsored post like for like 4 days now,hope it not what am thinking and this people cannot explain a reason why dz is happening and this is a platform concerned about sponsored ads,hope it not that this platform has crashed like dz
So amazing but pls why nowadays no sharing icon???
I don't understand what is happening again oo I think I not what am thinking
Is InstaForum still on? What's happening. Someone cannot share sponsored Task again
Kashkash investment group whereby you get paid after 45min of your investment.. Join now and get started
I can't share sponsor post and 5hey are to pay me by tomorrow and my package will end by tomorrow, hmm hope this platform is not crushing cause it 3days now I haven't seen any alert o and I can't see any testimony
I need my money back or, make una no scam us
Nah contribution money I carry come this place am scared of this forum now... If you scam us , hm no let say wetin go happen. Cause I don invest all my money for here wetin I was say for people wet they ask me about the contribution money I collect......
Let the admin explain to us what's happening
Hmmm I don't understand what's happening in here. For about 4 days now no sponsor post .... Hope all is well

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