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What is wrong now? Instaforum is now different. Please don't crash yet oooo, let me cash out first so I can pay my loan, I borrowed money to join this platform
With Instaforum nothing like lack 👍💯
Yes information is key so make 4 minutes of your time wisely to participate in instaforum platform and gain more income?
Now that instaforum is down what will happen to our capital?
How can will get back our capital
Life is easy with good platform
Please what is going on abi una won japa Una way carry my money go again
There are two types of people I hate the most,first is people that lie because anyone who lies cheats and steals while the second is people that are shameless because they are the one that don't care about how they are earning their living even when they know they are harming people who are important to them. Only few people remember people who helped them but nobody forgets the people who hurts them. You might think you have succeed Instaforum,but always remember,What goes around comes around. I hope you won't make me hate you. I really thought and I still believe this is an online platform we help them by investing in them in order for you to run your main business and they return the kindness by paying us double as a way of appreciation of trust we gave to them. Or am I wrong Instaforum?
Great platform that gives you great information on how to make money instaforum
Great update,n notification.
Why all this platform scam why why why u don't have a conscience this will be d 4th platform that will hang my money why pls pay me my money or else all pple involve in this scam plan will suffer all in this life !!!!!!!!! For dis kind thing wet all of u platform doing @ d same period.....
Endeavour to carryout your daily Task. Stay Online and make sure your activities are completed.
SMH 💔🤦🏻‍♀️
Since 21 I placed withdraw I haven’t been paid
The best paying platform to join!
You all tried,Am a kid I told my use my ajo money to start this platform this what I get am just entered 14this year I promise you THE DEVIL WILL VISIT IF YOU DON'T SEND MY 3,000 NOW THIS MY ACCOUNT ACCESS BANK 1437527997 CHIBUIKEM JUDE NWADIKE
Good platform and best platform so far
I don't understand this platform anymore. Is there no more sponsor post or as the form change?
U guys have not paid my friend since on the 16 why
I don't like what I'm seeing on this platform at all, is not funny.
this platform has crashed already, nothing like updating or upgrading
We're is my money scammer

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