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Instaforum please pay up your debts o.
Best platform to invest money
Please what happening in here
Good morning to the best platform instaforum pls is happening we need an anwer
Instaforum is the reason why I'm going bigger today.
InstaForum is a legit payable platform with competence. Get onboard now
Abeg make the refund reach me ooo.
Why the refund? What happened?
Nah contribution money I carry come here abeg please refund me back my money ooo God no go shame us oooo. After this One till thy kingdom come to me and any platform ever, I don retire niyen
I'm looking for the earn button
I want to believe that we active member are not affected with the matter of refund?
I thank you instaforum
We trusted u why all this?
Good morning instaforum,on the 20th we could not earn after performing the task for the day now (27th April 2021 )both the task and the click to earn buttons are absent,WHAT IS HAPPENING?!!!
Pls instaforum dont do this to us ..
I never expected this from Instaforum. Please send my refund too please
What wrong with instaforum na
Instaforum... refund everyone I really need my money
Why earning and dashboard is performing well to day?
What the fuck is wrong with this platform I don't just understand
All of you that are still praising this platform up and down I wonder what planet are u from, a platform that scammed u and you are still calling it the best as if they point gun at ur head, sorry for una.
The best way to make money.
No update today what's happening
Please have been trying to withdraw since but it not going
Work hard to redeem the good reputation of this forum, which I see u are doing from today's news. Yet I want to ask why there's no sponsored post for today, why that ?!
Please I have done my task as recommended. I applied for withdrawal, but it has been pending for 3weeks now. What is the matter?
What the fuck is wrong with you scammers... Dont you know how hard it is to get money these days!!??😑 Hmu 08107730018... Let's deal with them
Owo ajo nimokowa sibi bayi ooo Etun wagbawa... Naah sango wan kill all of una.. please if you see alert in your phone pls kindly Let us know ooo
I can't go-to sponsor task why?
Ah temi bami bayi my First time here this place is really bad, I don't know that this forum is really Fake. Chair money don go like that niyen where do I start 50k for that matter wetin I wan tell my people. Now shey make I say money lost ni ABI Dem Rob mi, When am still planning to bring in more money, but now you have show that this platform is scum.... Is better we tell people out there that we drown here ooo
Instaforum dey use our money take they catch cruise Pure scam...pls do well to refund our money please Abeg who see alert make en talk oh
Plz if you have received alert do indicate let's know
What is going on in instaforumπŸ˜₯
Una no just serious.... Plz send ppl their money back... HELL IS REAL! πŸ˜“πŸ˜§
Those still praising this platform... Are u alright niyen.. abi dem do you? πŸ™„ IF UVE SEEN ALERT ... DO WELL TO INDICATE PLS
Some people are really mad people living among real people, today is 30th we Neva see alert, yet that stupid peope are still praising this forum......
So we will visit parkway, and also draft a court injuction for them and all the vendors that received money.... We have a SAN as our lawyer... They will not go unpunished for this... We will give them deadlines and if they do not meet up EFCC wikk start investigation immediately... Contact me to join the group 008141342130 , no calls, just whatsapp... Let's deal with them, we will start by also freezing accounts of vendors and they produce the account of owners to be freezed also and all arrested... If dey like they block me from this forum, its just the beginning of the end for them, bloody scammers
Pls refund my money back... For God's sake
Pls refund my money back... For God's sake
Pls refund my money back... For God's sake
People my name is Firstclass, also a member here today is my expired date. Which means my subscription will end today please if Anybody see alert kindly show up, this platform is Fake those who Neva comment have been dismiss from this forum by the management which means they can't have their money back, but I know say nah God go judge everyone according to his work, My chair money is gone now What should I tell my family after lying that the money has been paid to furniture to commence work. Am I not finished bayi, but let fight with the referrals who bring us here and the vendors you know at your hood... Good day my people may be b4 night I would check-up again
Why now instaforum? You guys should start to refund naw, this is 30th since on the 23 What is wrong
Instaforum U are gonna die untimely, wot d fuck is wrong wit DOS silly people Na Ogun go kill una stupid people, d thing wey dey vex me be d people wey still dey praise d motherfucking platform, 4rm today, dis platform is dismissed, no one is gonna waste his or her money here again To hell wit instaforum Just kukuma refund us our money or u will face d shit dat comes 4rm it
I am not getting my daily sponsored Task again. For the past four days now. Is InstaForum crashed?
It's better that instaforum does not crash pls management work hard to salvage instaforum moreso instaforum works well with Facebook so I don't know why u have stopped it linking to Facebook. Just salvage this online investment platform ooooo !!!
Instaforum please refund my money right nw d money i use to invest on dis platform e get as e take come after dis one bye bye to online business
Please everyone don't invest on any online business again they are all scam is better u invest ur money on crypto
This instaforum platform. Please member this same you advertise them on social media . Please return to the same platform and tell the world that they are scam and theifs. You said you can't return everyone money but you can collect everyone money. Ole
Honestly am really disappointed with this platform please refund my cash bikoπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
Why ahh dese....... Instaforum you think you won't suffer greatly for this... Its just self deceit... Ur sins will never go unpunished... Mark my words
Please I use God name beg you instaforum refund my money I borrow that money from sherine u know what it take to borrow money from shember please try ur best, am waiting
I don't really understand wat happened now, as in, no click to end again
I have not been able to do my sponsored task why
Instaforum please why can't I earn till today. Today is 3rd may. What is happening? Please I need refunds
No space to Click for today's earning, is no longer showing why?
Please oh since you people are now refunding our money back please make it go round oh
This is real After coming to tell us that we should introduce our friends and family, now ur telling us u can refund
Abeg refund my money too o
Why re u pple trying to treat us So badly some of us borrow money to invested, and now u pple re giving us complain. Ur pple said ur trying eradicate poverty mean while Your putting are treating us bad
I go show ona say i be edo boy... If ona no die within 7 days... If ona no return my money, den my family no be traditionalists and also make ona no pay me again even if ona pay others.... Na the wrong person ona scam
me I was thinking after all the praise worthy this site received that won't disappoints. Now see me wey open πŸ”“ πŸ”“ six different accounts
My chair money don go like that
You people are talking rubbish, how can you collect money from thousands of people and you can't fulfill your promise. God will judge you people if you fail to return anybody's money, AMEN.
You people will never prosper with people's sweat, 419 money. You will never see anything good in life until you return my money. AMEN
This is nonsense swrz These people are very stupid Why wud they do sth lyk this...it so unfair
Please I applied for withdrawal for more than one month now, no reply. Send my money.

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