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We wish to inform you  regarding the UPDATE with WITHDRAWAL REQUESTS getting declined. If you get a DECLINE with your ACTIVITY EARNINGS. First and foremost. You need to understand that we have rights to decline your PAYMENT if your SPONSORED TASKS does not go inline with the requirement of the terms you signed when you join the platform. We are a MAKE MONEY by SPONSORED TASKS DAILY. Kindly understand this notion.

When a WITHDRAWAL REQUEST is declined. It does not mean you won't be paid. It means you haven't done the task correctly to be paid for that moment. It also means, you need to take the task and rules serious as this is a business. As such, you only need to do what's right to get paid. That is all.

Even if you do whats right by next year 2022, we'll pay you. No member should be insensitive towards getting fierce with regards to their DECLINE PAYMENT.  This is business. INSTAFORUM is a business where rules are meant to be followed. You need to understand that INSTAFORUM is a platform that you make money by SPONSORED TASKS. Not doubling your money for you. So if you are been insensitive to do whats right about our terms in getting earnings and pay, then its up to you.

We'll pay you if you are eligible to cashout by following the laid down TASKS rule which are very simple to do. All you need to do is to SHARE to PUBLIC and that's all. SIMPLE.

Kindly go through our terms https://instaforum.com.ng/terms/and/conditions as well.

Solution on How to Ensure You Get Paid on InstaForum If Your Have Been DECLINED WITHDRAWALS For More Than 2 Times

1. If your SPONSORED TASKS has been declined for your SPONSORED POST not up to DATE, You would need to RE-SUBSCRIBE to a NEW PACKAGE. This would ensure you start to participate in the TASKS correctly and ensure you follow it. Your current Earnings in your InstaForum Account would be joined together with your new PACKAGE earnings; henceforth, making you cash out ALLL ACTIVITY EARNINGS at once during your next CASHOUT.

2. Do not RUSH to continue to REQUEST to get paid, because your SPONSORED TASKS which is not correctly up to date would - the past ones would continue to make your WITHDRAWAL REQUEST to DECLINE.

3. SPONSORED TASKS not updated correctly is 80% the major reason most InstaForum Members do get DECLINED of WITHDRAWAL.

4. Do NOT Use a brand new FACEBOOK Account. Your FACEBOOK Account should have at least 100 Friends and above.

5. Do not RUSH to share all PAST SPONSORED TASKS. We'll DECLINE Your payments. Don't bother doing it. Your best bet is to re-subscribe, take the task seriously.

6. If your ACTIVITY EARNINGS WITHDRAWAL is on, let's say 4/6/2021. INSTAFORUM would check your PAST 1 MONTH. That would be 4/6/2021 to 3/6/2021 SPONSORED TASKS to be correct up to date for the last MONTH. We do not check for 2 months. Because we believe every ACTIVITY EARNINGS CASHOUT is for 30days. So when at least 2 SPONSORED TASKS within this given period is defaulted, your WITHDRAWAL would be DECLINED.

7. Do not use a BRAND NEW FACEBOOK Account with less than 100 Friends for CASHOUT.

8. Do not use 1 FACEBOOK PROFILE LINK for multiple INSTAFORUM Accounts. Expect a DECLINE if you do.

9. Do not PLACE Multiple WITHDRAWALS when WITHDRAWING your INSTAFORUM Funds. PAST SPONSORED Tasks which you failed to update correctly would continue to make your WITHDRAWAL DECLINE. The best way to correct this is to RE-SUBSCRIBE. When you actually do RE-SUBSCRIBE. Don't rush to WITHDRAW yet, because INSTAFORUM would continue to check the 30days SPONSORED TASKS backward from the date you REQUEST to get paid.

10. The surest way to always get PAID after a DECLINE is not to quickly go and WITHDRAW again. SIMPLY - RE-SUBSCRIBE, start participating in the TASKS correctly. This is the MOST guaranteed way to get paid going forward. You will be able to WITHDRAW your past earnings which have always been declined on your Account together with your NEW EARNINGS.

11. Take INSTAFORUM as a BUSINESS; a side Business!

12. Do not MISS InstaForum SPONSORED TASKS for at least 3 days. Otherwise, you would get a DECLINE.

13. If you do get a WITHDRAWAL DECLINE in your REFERRALS EARNINGS; it shows there is something terribly you need to fix with your SPONSORED TASKS.

14. INSTAFORUM has fewer rules cashing out REFERRALS. Once we see at least 10 SPONSORED TASKS on your PROFILE, would be paid REFERRAL EARNINGS.

15. SPONSORED TASKS is checked accordingly with the date POSTED for that day on INSTAFORUM and FACEBOOK together to create an authentication. So rushing to SHARE past SPONSORED TASKS should be void.

16. Do not delete the SPONSORED TASKS.

17. Do not use a BROKEN/ Invalid FACEBOOK Profile Link

17. Always ensure all SPONSORED TASKS are SHARED to PUBLIC so INSTAFORUM can always verify it at any time.

16. INSTAFORUM is a business that needs these tasks done so we generate the earnings and profit for the platform maximally for our Ads revenue to engage seriously. We need the money to pay profits daily. So if you are not participating, not taking it seriously, we have every single right, to DECLINE your payments according to our TERMS and CONDITION which you signed in agreement when registering your INSTAFORUM Account.

17. If your SPONSORED TASKS was declined due to outdated SPONSORED TASKS, incomplete SPONSORED TASKS for more than 3 days, do not go and RE-SHARE them. Your WITHDRAWALS would still be DECLINED. All you have to do is to RE-SUBSCRIBE your account and start the TASKS for the next phase again to cashout all your EARNINGS.

18. Do not MULTI-SHARE more than 3 SPONSORED TASKS. Your WITHDRAWALS would still be DECLINED. All you have to do is to RE-SUBSCRIBE your account and start the TASKS for the next phase again to cashout all your EARNINGS.


We have observed that some users are on the SPREE of cashing out their ACTIVITY EARNINGS even before the SUBSCRIPTION PACKAGE expires. Thus making their REQUESTS DECLINE - and they wonder what they have done wrongly to get such status.

Let us explain how you can get DECLINED of this WITHDRAWAL (ACTIVITY EARNINGS) even if you are participating in the TASKS correctly and your PACKAGE is yet to expire. We wonder who is pursuing these sets of persons.

Let's take, for example, today's date is March 1st, 2021 - the very date you request to get paid to CASHOUT.

Once a WITHDRAWAL REQUEST of ACTIVITY EARNINGS for the day 1st of MARCH, 2021 is placed - INSTAFORUM would begin a review on your WITHDRAWAL after some hours.

INSTAFORUM would now check your SPONSORED TASKS from 1st MARCH, 2021 to 1st February, 2021 (That would be 30days backward)

If you registered on the 15th  of FEBRUARY, 2021, You are to request to get paid without issues on the 15th or 16th of MARCH, 2021, if all goes well with your TASKS, you would be paid.

If you rush to request to get paid off your ACTIVITY EARNINGS even before the date of your PACKAGE EXPIRY, your WITHDRAWAL would be DECLINED INSTANTLY because the SPONSORED TASKS will never go inline with the very date you request to CASHOUT.

Now that you requested to get paid for your ACTIVITY EARNINGS, let's say today 1st of MARCH, 2021, and you registered or subscribed for INSTAFORUM PACKAGE on the 15th February, 2021. The past 15 TASKS (because you hurriedly went to request to get paid) would hurt your REQUEST thereby making your WITHDRAWAL, decline. This would make your FACEBOOK PROFILE LINK to miss 15 SPONSORED TASKS.

We want to advise users to ensure their PACKAGE has expired before they can cash out their ACTIVITY EARNINGS. 

We observed that more accounts are using their uplines FACEBOOK PROFILE LINK to cash out because their SPONSORED TASKS are shared properly. 

Let us explain how we treat this. We have blocked several accounts using the same Facebook Profile Link, your WITHDRAWAL would be canceled, the accounts would be suspended and reopened after 90days.

You do not want to see this happen to your account.

LASTLY;  INSTAFORUM is a business that needs these tasks done so we generate the earnings and profit for our Advertising Revenue to generate massive engagements and earnings for payments for the platform maximally. We need the money to pay profits daily.

Kindly HELP US to understand, to UNDERSTAND in paying you, conveniently, together; we can beat the odds to a sustainable income-earning and legitimate platform you'll ever think.



A very nice update from instaforum thank you very much for that.
This still doesn't explain why my withdrawals are being declined, I made sure to share all sponsored posts and every requirement is completed. The only time I didn't share sponsored posts was when I followed what support told me to do cos I made use of a new facebook acct and support said that the solution to that would be neglecting to share sponsored tasks on Facebook for a week but complete other tasks, I did that, so why am I now seeing declines?
I have placed withdrawal but they have not pay me
I have place widraw noting yet
People without issues be been on pending for three days while ppl with little issues are declined d next day after placing withdrawal. Pay us, that's all we ask
Do your Task right and avoided being disconnected.... I have never missed a task. I share, I retweet, I comment. I don't know why my withdrawal was declined. It's well. Now I have re subscribe to a higher package. I pray it works out
100 facebook friends as requirement for cashout of earnings? In have 13 friwnds
Pls can smbdy explain to me y I hv not paid
Pls can smbdy explain to me y I hv not paid
Can somebody explain to me why I am nt been paid please
I did not violate any of the above rules. But still no pay.
From the Above, it's said that when u did not perform ur task for at least 2 days then your account will be decline. Then, why have not been paid? It is only one day I did not perform task , because I did not see the task. Now my account is decline. Pls, instaforum consider us that mist one day of performing task.
Most you make a comment on a tweet or Instagram before get paid ?
My advice to instaforum is that, since you always view our Facebook timeline,if there's any mistakes,then you put us through immediately because we're new in the system.Thanks
My advice to instaforum is that, since you always view our Facebook timeline,if there's any mistakes,then you put us through immediately because we're new in the system.Thanks
Not to use a new Facebook account they didn't mentioned that to us all they said was share your sponsored tasks to your Facebook and make it public and tag at least 3 of friends. Nobody ever dropped the condition for why payment are being declined. Please all i ask for is for they to credit me, don't even have another cash to to renew the package was actually hoping on this to use and reinvest again.
I applied for withdrawal too early on Wednesday when my package expires on Friday and it was declined.. And I applied again for another withdrawal on Friday will it still be declined
Since Thursday I applied for withdrawal it has been pending, please somebody should explain to me why
I've done all the needful. Please pay meπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
Please I just registered today can someone tell me what to do
I have done the needful, they should pay me please
Why am I not getting paid I place withdraw twice
Pls i requested a withdrawal since Saturday nd nothing yet pls instaforum pay me im in need of the moneyπŸ™πŸ™
Pls pay me i want to use it nd subscribe my subscription package has finished
I finally want to refer people to atleast withdraw referral bonus. D guys re interested,all they wanna see is my payment alert. Instaforum, I ve 29 tasks,pay me so that dz ppl will b convinced
But Instaforum shouldn't have put that withdraw any day button because u don't know why the person must have placed withdrawal and now I have to resubscribe when I don't have money to resuscribe ,I was expecting to resuscribe with the money I have gotten so please tell me where I'll get money to resuscribe from
For more than a week now I am not credited,now am seeing declined. I thought I will resubscribed my package but I was highly dissatisfied with instaforum this time because it's not the only expecting platform and before subscription there is nothing like all the mentioned terms and conditions but now that we've registered and after thirty days of subscription you're now giving rules and regulations and you think I will refer my friends? To hell with resubscribed ! Nonsense.
Instaforum is not the only existing platform maybe you go to others and learn better than tricking us here! Rubbish.
Everyone pls go to withdraw now, under there is a message, very important, read it carefully, payment is having issues and I still registration fee will be refunded
Have made withdraw for more than 5 times is always declined why. You guys can't tell me that I miss a day activity, it can be acceptable. U are just a 419. If you like pay but don't expect me to resubscribe.
Scammers πŸ˜‚ I was planning on doing the highest package thank God he save me, he said use it to buy iPhone instead of investing in something not sure, I just tried the 20k package and u guys messed up big time πŸ™„πŸ™„
They are just an asshole.. thank God I just did the 3k package just to test them.. they fucked up as I hoped they would. To hell with instaforum. And it's Agent.
Facebook page no longer exist Fake Forum.
Abeg make u people pay me my money because of ten thousand I fill don any thing . I don't eat people sweat
Pls πŸ™πŸ™πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί pay me my money πŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ is all I ask
Pls you guys should pay me I don't really understand what's going on here

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