In our quest to inform our members that INSTAFORUM makes money using social media tasks, thus, we do not joke or tolerate members who do not get involved with these tasks correctly.


Things to NOTE Down Before Placing WITHDRAWAL REQUEST on InstaForum to get Paid Very Fast and not get your REQUEST DECLINED

1. Make sure your Facebook Profile link is UPDATED to your InstaForum Account - This is compulsory. If you do not even update your Facebook Profile link, forget it, your withdrawal would be instantly declined.

2. Ensure your BANK DETAILS are correct. Do not use your friend's BANK Account or someone else Bank Account that you know you may not have access to for your CASH and you later decide to change the BANK Account. Do not rush to input any kind of BANK DETAILS. Make sure the BANK DETAILS is your primary source BANK Account to receive funds. In addition, do not use BANK Account such as PAGA, CHIPPERCASH, PROVIDUS, WALLETS BANKS to avoid getting your funds bounced back. This is because these BANK Accounts have a high-bounce rate and as such, our WITHDRAWALS are processed in mass.

3. Make sure you have complied with the SPONSORED TASKS. We take this very seriously. Make sure the SPONSORED TASKS are on PUBLIC so InstaForum Admins would verify your TASKS. Participate in all TASKS. Do not get tired or lazy not to complete each TASKS. Do not feel, INSTAFORUM would not know. We would know and decline your PAYMENT. We have told you. This is business!

4. Make sure you have a minimum of ₦5,000 either ACTIVITY EARNINGS or REFERRAL EARNINGS to place withdrawal. 

5. Wait to get paid in less than 24 to 72hours. At most, WITHDRAWALS are completed ONCE every day. 

Thank you all for your cooperation.


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Thanks for sharing this important information.
Thanks for sharing this important information
Thanks for so much for the useful information I will take note of them.

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