For most people, the last thing you do before going to sleep is to scroll & chat and the first thing upon wakening up is to check through your phone again. If you see yourself in this category of people that always keep their mobile phone next to their bed at night, then take note of this.

What is the health implication? How might this impact your ability to sleep? All these scenarios are what is common to most mobile users.

I have heard people say “I couldn’t sleep” or “I slept late” or “sleep no gree come (Nigeria pidgin)”. Why? This is basically because mobile phones are believed to give off Blue Light- a type that studies have suggested that it can affect the production of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin and disrupt our circadian rhythms. Circadian rhythms may mean difficulties falling asleep or staying awake at the appropriate time.

Generally, keeping your phone near you during sleep hours (at night) may prompt a continuous desire to continue refreshing, checking, responding, scrolling, clicking, posting, or playing games which exposes your eyes to blue light causing a reduction in sleep or Insomnia- Difficulty/trouble falling asleep.

Studies have revealed that mobile phone gives off electromagnetic radiation (EMR) which is a combination of electrical and magnetic energy that travels through space at the speed of light.

This radiation when it is high, it has a thermal effect; that is, it raises the body temperature and there are also concerns that it can cause headaches or brain tumors and body pain.

when it is close to your head while sleeping, you might wake up with a headache, body pain, or body weakness.

Mobile devices are designed to enhance our lives and not disrupt it.

What you should do?

Always reduce screen brightness, get an alarm clock if necessary. You should put your phone to charge in another room. Better still, you can switch it off.

So I hope this helps.


We as guys should learn how to sleep on time because it helps in brain development and efficiency
Thanks for sharing this important information.
Thanks for sharing with us.
Because it can result to death
It's not advise able to plug phone and sleep for I dangerous
It's not advise able to plug phone and sleep for I dangerous
It's not advise able to plug phone and sleep for I dangerous

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